CureVac vaccine only 48% effective against COVID - final data

Wednesday, 30. June 2021 23:15

The COVID-19 vaccine developed by German biopharma company CureVac N.V. has been found to be only 48% effective in preventing the disease, according to the final data published on Wednesday.

The research found a somewhat larger percentage when it comes to participants in the age group of 18 to 60, with an efficacy of 53%. However, the vaccine known as CVnCoV provided 100% protection against hospitalization and death, as well as determining favorable safety profiles in all age groups.

"In this final analysis, CVnCoV demonstrates a strong public health value in fully protecting study participants in the age group of 18 to 60 against hospitalization or death and 77% against moderate and severe disease - an efficacy profile, which we believe will be an important contribution to help manage the COVID-19 pandemic and the dynamic variant spread," noted CEO Franz-Werner Haas.

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