Aptive Environmental Pest Control Shares Spring Tips for a Pest-Free Summer

Thursday, 04. March 2021 19:53

PROVO, Utah, March 04, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- With warm weather around the corner, Aptive Environmental, one of the leading U.S pest control companies, is providing homeowners spring tips to prevent unwanted pest infestations this summer. While different seasons bring a variety of insects to each state, getting a head start on summer pest prevention each spring is key, according to the pest control experts at Aptive.

“Pests typically wake from overwintering and begin breeding for their peak in the summer each spring, creating potential for both new infestations and the return of old ones,” Trent Frazer, Aptive Environmental Senior Director of Quality Assurance says. “While we always encourage attacking pests when they are at their weakest during the winter, spring serves as a second chance to get ahead of potential infestations before they are in full swing in the summer.”

With the goal of helping consumers enjoy pest-free homes and backyards not only during the warm summer months, but also throughout the year, Aptive experts recommend the following six spring cleaning steps annually:

  1. Eliminate pest attractants: From the backyard to the garage to the kitchen and pantry, eliminating environments that are conducive to pests is crucial to pest prevention. This includes removing decaying vegetation from the yard, trimming bushes, controlling water sources, clearing clutter, regular cleaning both inside and out of the home as well as proper food storage and disposal. For example, ensure all pantry food items are properly sealed in airtight containers, surfaces are always kept clean and the trash is taken out regularly.

  2. Conduct a perimeter check: The winter months can be rough on your home. Inspect the interior and exterior perimeters and repair any potential entry points. This includes fixing holes or cracks in the foundation of your home as well as the proper sealing of screens, doors, windows, chimneys, pipes and more to keep unwanted pests out.

  3. Look for signs of infestation: One key to preventing serious summer issues is catching problems early. Keep an eye out for pest droppings, bite marks or holes in food packages as well as black specs on the walls -- these are all signs that could point to larger infestations.

    Spring is also the beginning of the mating season for stinging insects like wasps, yellow jackets and similar pests such as flies. You may also see an influx of ants as they begin leaving their colonies to search for food. These are all signs it’s time to hire a professional.

  4. Treat your home sooner rather than later: While Aptive experts believe winter is the ideal time to begin treating your home for summer problems, it’s important to begin treating as soon as possible--even before spotting potential issues--to get ahead of the peak summer breeding season.

  5. Implement custom pest control solutions: Every home, climate, layout and environment is different, and each brings its own potential pest problems. Aptive service professionals are trained to spot concerns in advance and skilled at developing seasonal protection plans and solutions that are tailored to your home.

  6.  Maintain cleanliness: Proper pest prevention requires ongoing effort. Keep pests at bay by maintaining an environment that does not allow them to thrive. While you may kick off summer prevention in the spring, these efforts should continue throughout the summer and beyond.

For the ultimate spring yard cleanup checklist, visit the Aptive blog. To learn about Aptive Environmental pest control, visit www.GoAptive.com or find the company on Facebook (@AptiveEnvironmental), Twitter (@Go_Aptive), Instagram (@Aptive.Environmental) or LinkedIn (@AptiveEnvironmental).

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Aptive Environmental provides environmentally responsible residential and commercial pest services to more than 4,735 cities across North America. It was the youngest company featured on Glassdoor's Top 100 U.S. workplaces in 2019 and is ranked one of Entrepreneur Magazine's Best Companies in America. Aptive is also a proud member of the EPA's Pesticide Environmental Stewardship Program and has partnered with the United Nations Foundation’s "Nothing But Nets" to help stop the spread of Malaria transmitted by mosquito bites.

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Aptive Environmental Shares Six Important Steps for a Pest-Free Summer

Aptive pest control experts encourage homeowners to take action today to prevent summer pests
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