Precious metals rise, recover some losses

Friday, 18. June 2021 08:38

Prices of precious metals increased on Friday, with silver gaining 1% and palladium adding 2%, to recover a part of the losses registered during the previous day.

While the traders managed to shrug off some of the worries prompted by the United States Federal Reserve's signals regarding the interest rates and inflation, most of the metals stayed more than 5% below their previous week's levels.

Gold added 0.69% to sell for $1,785.56 per ounce at 2:36 am ET, while silver gained 1.04% to go for $26.18 per ounce at the same time. A minute later, platinum went up by 0.55%, selling for $1,070.47, while palladium concurrently advanced by 1.98% to go for $2,553.8 an ounce.

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