Renault charged with deception over dieselgate case

Tuesday, 08. June 2021 20:14

A French court charged on Tuesday Renault SA with deception during the so-called dieselgate investigation that probed the carmaker's potential violations of emission standards, alleging that the company manipulated the results of the tests performed on their vehicles.

"Renault denies having committed any crime and reiterates that its vehicles are not by any measure equipped with systems that would enable it to cheat in emissions testing," the firm said. "All Renault vehicles have always been approved in accordance with applicable laws and regulations."

Back in March, Daimler AG concluded its own dieselgate case in the United States with a settlement worth $1.5 billion. Meanwhile, Renault reported its revenue in the first quarter of the year declined by 1.1% in comparison to the same period in 2020.

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