Bundestag launches probe into Wirecard

Tuesday, 01. September 2020 15:27

German lawmakers launched on Tuesday an enquiry into Wirecard AG's case, aiming to investigate the government's role in preventing a fraud conducted by the company.

"This was a fake company. We are not getting the answers we need," Fabio de Masi, member of the Left Party and one of the initiators in of the probe in Bundestag, asserted. According to the Green Party's lawmaker Lisa Paus, the government "is stone walling instead of explaining itself" and its alleged role in the Wirecard's case.

Previously, President of German Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) Felix Hufeld claimed that the agency did everything to meet lawmakers' demands, explaining BaFin was able to supervise only a small portion of Wirecard's financial transactions due to regulatory limitations.

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