Trump making it harder to fight pandemic - pharma trade group

Friday, 07. August 2020 01:40

United States Donald Trump is "making it harder to fight" the COVID-19 pandemic with his executive orders that aim to regulate the industry and force America to become independent in the pharmaceutical industry, PhRMA, a biopharmaceutical and biotechnology trade group said in a statement. The group added Trump's latest executive order makes it more difficult to go forward with COVID-19 vaccine research and development. PhRMA described Trump's wish to increase US drug manufacturing as "laudable," but stressed it cannot "happen overnight."

"The recent executive orders also contradict and undermine each other, creating chaos in an industry that is on the frontlines of fighting COVID-19. With today's 'Buy American' executive order, the administration effectively is taking the unprecedented step of mandating manufacturing of medicines in the United States. Yet, at the same time, through the 'most favored nation' executive order, the administration is creating a huge disincentive to invest in US biopharmaceutical research and manufacturing," PhRMA CEO Stephen Ubl (pictured right) said. PhRMA added that Trump's actions will disrupt global supply chains and potentially create shortages in the US.

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