Asia-Pacific trades mixed amid major data

Mittwoch, 16. Juni 2021 07:26

Stock markets in the Asia-Pacific region traded mixed near the end of the session on Wednesday amid major economic data reports coming from China and Japan.

While Japan registered a nearly $1.7 billion trade deficit last month, China is expected to release its retail sales and industrial production data for the same month later today. The Nikkei plunged 0.48% or 141 points at 7:21 am CET, with the dollar standing flat against the yen to trade for 110.0675. In mainland China, the Shanghai Composite fell 0.81% and the Shenzhen Composite lost 1.89% at 7:06 am CET, while the Hang Seng sank 0.37% or 104 points.

Australia also stood in investors' focus over the previous day, as the country's economy turned to expansion according to the central bank followed by the news that the government has reached a bilateral trade agreement with the United Kingdom. The S&P/ASX 200 was flat at 7:23 am CET. South Korea's Kospi Composite gained 0.55% a minute later.

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