BioNTech to manufacture vaccines in Singapore

Monday, 10. May 2021 09:59

Pfizer Inc's COVID-19 vaccine partner BioNTech SE announced on Monday that it is planning to open an mRNA vaccine manufacturing factory in Singapore along with new southeast Asia headquarters. The new highly automated mRNA facility is set to open in 2021 and begin producing hundreds of millions of vaccine doses along with infectious disease and cancer medicine by 2023.

"Having multiple nodes in our production network is an important strategic step in building out our global footprint and capabilities. With this planned mRNA production facility, we will increase our overall network capacity and expand our ability to manufacture and deliver our mRNA vaccines and therapies to people around the world," stated BioNTech Chief Executive Officer Ugur Sahin.

The global vaccine shortage has prompted the United States to propose a waiving of patent rights on COVID-19 vaccines, which BioNTech has previously rejected as a viable solution to the global shortage. The EU, Germany and France all called on the US to export its jabs instead of waiving intellectual property rights.

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