Wall Street higher premarket, Dow nearly 100 pts up

Friday, 23. July 2021 10:29

Equities on Wall Street traded higher in the premarket session on Friday, as investors looked at how the bipartisan infrastructure bill could boost investments. Republican Senator Susan Collins was optimistic that there would be an agreement on the bipartisan infrastructure bill come Monday, with the White House also stating they are seeing "clear momentum" for the bill to move forward.

Earnings season continued, with Twitter reporting its strongest revenue rise since 2014, while Snap's quarterly revenue also skyrocketed when compared to the previous year. Meanwhile, Intel's quarterly revenue stayed flat year-over-year.

The Dow Jones traded 0.28% in the green at 4:27 am ET. The Nasdaq 100 increased 0.49% at 4:28 am ET, while the S&P 500 gained 0.40% a minute later. The euro gained 0.07% against the dollar at 4:29 am ET trading for $1.17785.

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