Germany-Based MibeTec Creates a Buzz with US Expansion

Wednesday, 15. April 2020 16:00

Austin, Texas, April 15, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- MibeTec, a leading medical device company for local thermotherapy based in Berlin, Germany, today announced the U.S. launch of Bite Away®, expanding the company's international footprint and bringing the FDA cleared medical device to U.S. consumers. Celebrated for its chemical-free treatment of insect bites, Bite Away’s patented1 safety technology utilizes concentrated heat to provide effective relief of symptomatic itching, swelling, and pain associated with insect bites and stings after only a three or five second application.

Bite Away is an electronic medical device used for the external treatment of bites and stings from mosquitoes, wasps, hornets, gnats, horseflies, and other pesky insects. The device, roughly the size of a thermometer, sports a ceramic tip that warms up in seconds to provide rapid, heat-concentrated relief to the affected skin. A study2 conducted in Germany and listed by the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI), a division of the National Library of Medicine (NLM) at the National Institutes of Health (NIH), evaluated the efficacy of Bite Away’s use of concentrated heat to treat insect bites and stings. Results from the study’s 146 participants found the application of Bite Away relieved symptoms of bug bites and stings, and significantly diminished pain, swelling, and itching faster than alternative treatment options. As a dermatologically tested, chemical-free solution to irritated insect bites, Bite Away is suitable for children over the age of 2 (with self-administration for ages 12 and up) and all adults, including pregnant women, and allergy sufferers. 

“MibeTec is thrilled to bring to the U.S. a product that has performed so well in Germany for many years,” said Stefan Heuvelmann, managing director, MibeTec Germany. “We are proud to present the first FDA cleared device in the U.S. that provides instant relief from irritating and uncomfortable insect bites and stings - relief that comes without chemicals or other irritants. Bite Away is the first of several products we look forward to bringing to the American consumer, all powered by the same patented1 safety technology.”  

To positively affect the body’s natural reaction to insect bites, Bite Away administers precisely concentrated heat to provide effective relief to the affected area after only a three or five second application. 

Treating insect bites with Bite Away is as simple as pressing a button. Bite Away features two options for application times — three seconds and five seconds. For a regular application, five seconds is the recommended option, while the three second option is the recommended length of time for initial treatment, and for use on more sensitive skin. Its compact size and built-in clip make it convenient for car glove compartments, purses, backpacks, as well as suitable for air travel. 

“Bite Away is a bestseller in Germany and has proven very successful across Europe and in Australia as most available creams and ointments targeting insect bite symptoms only work with a cooling effect that sets in slowly and does not last very long,” said Michael Pratt, head of Americas, MibeTec U.S. “I am proud to lead the launch of MibeTec’s first U.S. product and eager to witness the growth of Bite Away as MibeTec expands its international footprint.”

Bite Away is readily available for purchase at and on Amazon.

About MibeTec

MibeTec Germany is an independent member of the Dermapharm Group, a leading manufacturer of patent-free branded pharmaceuticals for select markets in Germany since 1991. MibeTec was founded to research, develop, manufacture, and sell a variety of products including medical technologies. In 2018, MibeTec U.S. was formed in preparation for the launch of the company’s first U.S. product, Bite Away®, a medical device leveraging patented1 safety technology designed to treat insect bites. For more information visit


1 EU: patent no. 3308752; U.S. no. 16/317,147: patent pending

2 Mueller C, Grossjohann, Fischer. The use of concentrated heat after insect bites/stings as an alternative to reduce swelling, pain, and pruritus: an open cohort-study at German beaches and bathing-lakes. Clin Cosmet Investig Dermatol. 2011;4:191-196 


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