Russia ready to fine Big Tech for regulation breach

Thursday, 16. September 2021 17:09

Russia is ready to use turnover-based fines against tech giants Google, Facebook and Twitter, over their refusal to comply with regulations and delete banned content, deputy head of Russia's media watchdog Vladimir Subbotin said on Thursday.

"This is a more serious matter because to date we already have court verdicts on imposing fines worth more than 130 million rubles ($1.8 million) that came into effect," said Subbotin, citing existing information about the companies providing technical assistance in spreading extremist content and illegal campaigning, as grounds for the fine.

Russian Foreign Ministry deputy spokesman Oleg Gavrilov also commented on the issue, stating that said companies continuously "take advantage of the lack of international regulatory frameworks in an increasingly malicious fashion, systemically avoiding compliance with the Russian law."

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