Russia sympathizes with US domestic turmoil - Putin

Wednesday, 16. June 2021 18:36

Russian President Vladimir Putin said at a press conference on Wednesday that he sympathizes with the protest movements that broke out in the United States and escalated into violent nature and "pogroms", but he does not wish for the same activities to take place on Russian grounds. In his speech, Putin referred to the Black Lives Matter movement, as well the insurrection of the federal Capitol in Washington D.C. by rioters.

Therefore, Russia labeled organizations that incite public protests and spread hostile spirits as extremist, illegal and banned any activity. Whereas organizations that were labeled as foreign agents if they received foreign funding and are still allowed to operate on Russian soil.

Putin and his American counterpart Joe Biden also discussed during their meeting mutually jailed citizens and agreed to continue to cooperate on the subject, but no decisions were made so far.

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