Google wins SpaceX Starlink internet cloud deal

Thursday, 13. May 2021 15:00

Alphabet Inc.'s Google LLC announced on Thursday that it has secured a deal with Elon Musk's company SpaceX to provide computing and networking resources to assist in the internet service delivery through the Starlink satellite.

"They chose us because of the quality of our network and the distribution and reach of our network," said Chief Executive Officer of Google's cloud group Thomas Kurian. The Starlink satellite internet will depend on Google's private fiber-optic network to connect to cloud services. CNBC reported that the deal could last seven years, citing sources familiar with the matter.

Google’s Global Networking head Bikash Koley remarked that the deal is "one of a kind," as Starlink will rely heavily on the internal network connecting Google's data centers. "I don’t believe something like this has been done before. [...] The power of combining cloud with universal secure connectivity, it’s a very powerful combination," he said.

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