Sen. Hawley introduces bill targeting Big Tech

Monday, 19. April 2021 13:27

United States Senator Josh Hawley (pictured) on Monday introduced legislation aimed against the Big Tech companies.

Hawley's Bust Up Big Tech Act includes a provision that could prohibit tech giants from simultaneously owning an online marketplace and selling goods on the same platform, a measure seemingly targeting Inc. Under the bill, the state attorneys general and private citizens would be allowed to take legal action against the Big Tech over their potential failures to act in accordance with the law, while the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) would also gain more authority to review their compliance with the law.

"Woke Big Tech companies like Google and Amazon have been coddled by Washington politicians for years. This treatment has allowed them to amass colossal amounts of power that they use to censor political opinions that they don't agree with and shut out competitors who offer consumers an alternative to the status quo," the Missouri Republican told Fox News in a statement.

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