Google announces new natural language models

Dienstag, 18. Mai 2021 21:37

Alphabet Inc's Google unveiled on Tuesday two new advanced language models, the Multitask Unified Model (MUM) and the LaMDA model, at the Google Developer Conference.

The open-domain LaMDA is a dialogue model that "can carry on a conversation about any topic" without needing to be retrained every time. Meanwhile, the MUM natural language model is meant to allow Google to understand complex multimodal searches involving text, images and video and understand more natural user queries by multitasking and understanding context cues. MUM is 1,000 times more powerful than its predecessor BERT.

“We’re excited about [MUM's] potential to solve more complex questions, no matter how you ask. MUM is changing the game with its language understanding capabilities,” said Senior Vice President at Google Prabhakar Raghavan. Google also announced expanded integration with Shopify and its quantum computing roadmap at the developer conference.

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