Nestle: Offer accepted by Aimmune stockholders

Dienstag, 13. Oktober 2020 08:56

Nestle S.A. announced on Tuesday that United States biopharmaceutical company Aimmune Therapeutics Inc.'s stockholders have accepted its tender offer of $34.50 per share for over 43 million shares.

Including stock that was already owned by Nestle and its wholly-owned subsidiaries, the Swiss company is expected to hold an 84% stake in Aimmune when the transaction gets finalized.

"Nestle today intends to cause" its subsidiary SPN MergerSub Inc. "to be merged with and into Aimmune ... in accordance with ... the General Corporation Law of the State of Delaware without a vote of Aimmune's stockholders, with Aimmune continuing as the surviving corporation," the Switzerland-based corporation said in a statement.

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