Google canceled X-ray project because of privacy issues - report

Freitag, 15. November 2019 17:44

Google Llc abandoned its heath project in 2017 after being notified by its partner National Institutes of Health (NIH) that project data that was set to be revealed could potentially disclose sensitive patient information, the Washington Post said in a report on Friday. The newspaper cited e-mails it obtained and an unnamed source with knowledge of the issue.

Two days before the company was scheduled to present the medical potential of Google's cloud technology by publicly showing 100,000 human X-rays, the NIH contacted Google as it was concerned with the images that contained sensitive information on patients. Despite the fact that all of the problematic data was deleted, the source claimed that the tech giant was rushing to complete the project before the deadline and did not handle the situation properly.

It was reported earlier this week that Google is under investigation by the United States Department of Health and Human Services for their "Project Nightingale," during which it collected patients' medical information.

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