Biden receives his Pfizer booster shot

Monday, 27. September 2021 19:15

United States President Joe Biden received his COVID-19 booster shot by Pfizer on Monday, saying he's eligible to get one following FDA's guidance that recipients can be administered a jab 6 months after the second dose, they also must be above 65 years of age or have underlying conditions.

In his remarks, Biden noted that at least 77% of adults in America have received at least one shot of the COVID-19 vaccine, while 23% have not been vaccinated at all. He added that for things to go back to normal, the country can't have a quarter of people unimmunized.

Biden shared he had no side effects following the first or second doses and therefore he does not expect any after the booster shot. The First Lady Jill Biden will get one too, as soon as she can, Biden revealed.

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