Asia mixed after NATO summit

Tuesday, 15. June 2021 04:45

Major stock market indexes in Asia traded mixed on Tuesday with investors having mixed reactions to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization's (NATO) one-day summit.

During the day on Monday, leaders of the 30 member nations arrived at the NATO headquarters in Brussels to discuss the adaptation of its further agenda. After the meeting, the organization issued a communique, warning about China's "assertive behavior," and pointing to the challenges posed by its nuclear expansion as well as its ties to Russia.

Hong Kong's Hang Seng traded 1.05% lower at 4:41 am CET, while, on the Chinese mainland, the Shenzhen Composite lost 0.64%, and the Shanghai Composite 0.71% at the same time. South Korea's Kospi Composite advanced by 0.05% at 4:42 am CET, as the dollar went 0.04% up against the yen, going for ¥110.1130. The Australian S&P/ASX 200 added 0.85% at 4:45 am CET, and Japan's Nikkei 225 added 0.73% at 4:35 am CET.

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