US stocks return to gains after US-EU tariffs deal

Friday, 05. March 2021 19:07

Wall Street returned to gains on Friday after major indexes initially started higher and then dropped around 1% after the United States and the European Union confirmed that they agreed to suspend tariffs on Boeing and Airbus.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average increased around 200 points, rising 0.63% at 1:03 pm ET. The index was led higher by Chevron which gained 4.01% at 12:50 pm ET. The S&P 500 gained 0.45% at 1:04 pm ET as Cboe Global Markets, Devon Energy Corp and Gap Inc all surged over 8% and the Nasdaq 100 was flat at the same time.

The euro declined 0.53% against the dollar to go for 1.19070 at 1:06 pm ET.

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