TULA Skincare Combats Negative Self-Talk With Confidence-Inspiring Campaign

Monday, 27. September 2021 16:00

NEW YORK, Sept. 27, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- TULA Skincare, the leading clean clinical brand powered by probiotic extracts and superfoods, is launching their first-ever brand campaign to highlight the effects of negative self-talk, one of the defining characteristics of low self-esteem, often amplified by the unrealistic beauty standards seen on social media. A recent brand survey* conducted by TULA found that people speak negatively to themselves at an average rate of 19 times per day (more than once every waking hour), with 95 percent of respondents stating that they are their own harshest critics. It’s time to celebrate what makes us unique, rather than conform to unrealistic and outdated beauty standards.

Society — and the beauty industry — has always told us that the key to being "beautiful" is changing ourselves. Hiding perceived imperfections like acne, enlarged pores, and wrinkles has typically been seen as a necessity, not a choice. That mindset, paired with the prevalence of overly retouched imagery seen in brand campaigns and filters on social media, has contributed to low self-esteem. By previously committing to no skin retouching in any brand images and now encouraging customers to replace negative self-talk with positive affirmations, TULA aims to inspire confidence and usher in a new positive and inclusive era of the beauty industry.

TULA Brand Campaign: 
As an ongoing commitment to TULA’s #EmbraceYourSkin movement, the 360 brand campaign includes:

  • TV Brand Campaign: TULA will premiere a deeply emotional TV campaign dedicated to acceptance and confidence. The commercial, “What We Tell Ourselves Matters,” is centered around the key theme of discouraging negative self-talk with the message that we would never be so critical to the people we love, so why are we so critical of ourselves.

  • New York Times Ad: The brand ran a full page ad in this past Sunday’s (9/26) New York Times ‘Styles’ section which featured real examples of negative self-talk that members of the TULA community have regularly told themselves along with the powerful statement “You Are Enough.”

  • Content Creator Partnerships: A series of close to 400 content creator and influencer partnerships will be executed on social media including Instagram and a strategic focus on TikTok. TULA is mobilizing its influencer community which includes a selection of creators including Shawn Johnson, Jeannie Mai, Christina Milian, Leenda Dong, Dex Mayfield, Kendra Austin, Mik Zazon, Sophi Saint Louis, Angelica Ross, and Alok Vaid-Menon among others to spark open, honest and real conversations about negative self-talk.

  • Positive Affirmations: TULA will continue its weekly positive text affirmation program and pockets of positivity throughout the TULA omnichannel experience; shippers and packaging featuring positive affirmations, positive language onsite and during checkout, and limited edition merchandise.

The need for this campaign was clear after seeing the alarming findings from TULA’s most recent brand survey which include:

Negative self talk

  • 89% said confidence is weakened by their own negative self-talk / thoughts
  • 95% stated that they are their own harshest critic
  • We speak negatively to ourselves an average of 19 times per day (this equates to more than once every hour that you are awake)

Confidence & relationship to social media

  • Less than 1% (0.66%) said social media makes them feel more confident
  • 60% said “bad” skin days have a negative effect on their self-confidence

Beauty industry

  • 76% said beauty ads make them feel less confident, with 44% saying beauty ads make them feel insecure
  • 66% feel the beauty industry has made meaningful changes when it comes to embracing all kinds of beauty, but that there's still a lot of work to be done

CEO Insights: “From day one, we’ve embraced skin positivity and approached beauty from the inside out - and we promise to continue to raise the bar and inspire confidence in our community,” said CEO of TULA Savannah Sachs. “Our goal is to shine a spotlight on the damaging impact of negative self-talk - often fueled by social media. By launching our first brand campaign that includes a full page statement in The New York Times and a TV brand campaign that is the ultimate conversation starter, we believe that this will force all of us to look inward, to examine how we speak to ourselves and encourage our community to embrace their skin. We’re partnering with content creators across TikTok and Instagram to spark authentic, thoughtful and emotional dialogue around negative self-talk and the impact it has made on their confidence journeys. We hope to be a catalyst for positive change in the beauty industry—join us.”

Brand VP: “The messaging from beauty brands can have a substantial effect on consumers’ self-confidence. At TULA, we feel it’s our responsibility to raise the bar and show that we are all enough as we are.” said VP of Brand Katey Hassan.

*brand survey of 3,800 customers conducted in August, 2021

For more information visit TULA.com and follow @TULA on Instagram

About TULA Skincare: TULA, meaning “balance” in Sanskrit, is a clean, effective and clinically proven skincare brand built on the power of probiotic extracts and superfoods that have the unique ability to cleanse, soothe, and calm skin, while balancing the microbiome. Founded by practicing gastroenterologist, Dr. Roshini Raj, TULA Skincare believes the same ingredients that are good for your body are also great for your skin, and uses the latest research to determine which ingredients to include or not. With a focus on being healthy and confident, rather than perfect, TULA Skincare aims to help everyone #EmbraceYourSkin and unleash your glow. TULA is proud to be a part of the Conscious Beauty at Ulta Beauty™ Initiative, which focuses on delivering transparency to inspire more informed, conscious product choices, and is available at Ulta and at tula.com.


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