Dow futures up 400 pts as rally set to continue

Monday, 06. July 2020 08:44

Wall Street futures surged on Monday as the Dow Jones jumped over 400 points, extending the rally from the previous week, shortened due to the Independence Day holiday. Also, indexes on the United States stock markets ended the previous quarter with historic gains last week as traders mostly shrugged off the increase in coronavirus cases across the country and its potential effect on the national economy.

The Dow Jones advanced by 1.59%, or 409 points, at 2:39 am ET. The Nasdaq 100 and the S&P 500 were 1.47% and 1.43% up, respectively, one minute later.

The euro was 0.41% higher compared to the dollar to go for 1.12926 at 2:41 am ET.

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