CBI: Immigration drop in UK hurts access to labor

Thursday, 22. August 2019 12:50

As net arrivals in the year through March came in at 226,000 or the lowest level since 2013, the biggest business lobby in the United Kingdom said on Thursday that "a huge change" is happening for employers. According to the Confederation of British Industry, the downward trend in immigration "combined with record low unemployment means that skills shortages are getting worse" particularly with the risk that the country would conduct a disorderly withdrawal from the European Union.

"The announcement that free movement will end immediately in a ‘no deal’ has left employers and their employees asking fundamental questions about what this means for them. They urgently need this clarified," the statement adds.

The Office for National Statistics said 612,000 people moved to Britain and that 385,000 left. Of note, it stressed yesterday that the number of new residents from the eight countries that joined the EU in 2004 was understated for the period until 2016 against a probably bloated tally for countries outside of the bloc.

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