Di Maio: EU has been wrong with austerity policy

Thursday, 13. June 2019 09:04

Italy needs dialogue with the European Union but people won't bow their heads, Deputy Prime Minister Luigi Di Maio told Corriere della Sera. In an interview published on Thursday, he claimed the fight against tax evasion will bring in substantial funds, brushing off criticism over the outlook for budget deficit. "We go to Europe to defend the Italians... The EU has been wrong in the past, especially with austerity policy, and now we need a change of gear," the leader of the Five Star Movement stressed.

The focus remains on determining the minimum wage and fiscal relief and there will be no increase in the value-added tax or family benefits, he underscored. The flat tax concept is aimed at supporting the middle class and not the rich, Di Maio said when he was asked if his party is accepting all the requests from the Northern League.

The deputy prime minister denied there would be a government reshuffle after the junior partner in the coalition won in the European elections and revealed Italy would like the position of the commissioner responsible for the budget or competition.

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