Outgoing EU Commission has no legitimacy – Salvini

Wednesday, 12. June 2019 13:47

Italy's Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini said on Wednesday that his country sends €6 billion per year to Brussels and that it should be treated as equal in dialogue. After today's meeting with Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, Deputy Prime Minister Luigi Di Maio and Minister of Economy and Finance Giovanni Tria, he said taxes should be lowered and that an outgoing European Commission can't impose sanctions on governments as it is delegitimized after the European elections.

There will be no increase in the value-added tax and fiscal measures will bring €40 billion to the budget, according to the head of the Northern League, the junior partner in the coalition with Di Maio's Five Star Movement. He stressed the importance of incentives for the construction sector and said exports and investments were discussed. "We're not asking Europe for money," he stated and promised not to touch citizens' bank deposits.

Tria said the government must try to trim the "huge debt" and reassure investors in the short term, but denied there would be changes to the disputed budget. He insisted the deficit would come in at 2.2% or 2.1% this year and not 2.4%. The minister said the EU infringement procedure must be avoided and that it would also hurt Europe.

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