Officials not raising terrorism threat level in DC

Friday, 15. January 2021 17:03

Ken Cuccinelli, acting deputy secretary of the United States Department of Homeland Security, has shared on Friday that there are no registered credible threats to the nation's capital on Inauguration Day, 20 January. The raised tensions, caused by the Capitol riot breach on 6 January and "online chatter" bolstered the security level across the entire country. However, officials don't think the terrorism threat level is currently necessary.

Thousands of National Guard soldiers remain on the Capitol grounds and will maintain the watch over until after the Inauguration.

"While it has raised attention to the security around the inauguration, this planning has been going on across the US Government with state and local partners since last May. It is a very secure event. We are prepared for orders of magnitude or sorts of problems that happened on January 6th, and that was before January 6th. So America can be very confident this is going to be a safe, smooth inauguration and transition of power," said Cuccinelli.

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