Dow gains 200 points as stimulus talks continue

Monday, 12. October 2020 16:38

The Dow Jones Industrial Average jumped 200 points on Monday as coronavirus stimulus talks between the Trump administration and Congress Democrats are set to continue. Earlier in the day, President Donald Trump contributed to some of the optimism as he said that COVID-19 cures and vaccines as "coming fast."

The Dow was up 0.62% at 10:40 am ET. Apple contributed most to the gains, rising 3.33% at 10:45 am ET. Meanwhile, the Nasdaq surged 1.81% at 10:42 am ET as Pinduoduo and topped the index, both jumping around 5% at 10:43 am ET. The S&P 500 increased 1.03% at 10:44 am ET, with Ford Motor Co soaring 7.08% at 10:29 am ET.

The euro declined 0.16% to go for 1.18111 against the dollar at 10:46 am ET.

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