Gold: New all time high in Euro

Dienstag, 18. Februar 2020 15:17

The price of gold was the highest ever in euro on Tuesday, while trading at its two-week high in United States dollars as investors turned to safe-haven investments following Apple's warnings on the negative effect of coronavirus on its business. The iPhone-maker said its second-quarter revenue is likely to take a hit due to the coronavirus epidemic in China. Meanwhile, stocks on Wall Street and in Europe, as well as oil futures, traded in the red.

Spot gold sold for $1,592.71 per ounce at 9:15 am CET, gaining 0.75%. On the euro, it jumped 1.14% at the same time, going for €1,475.97. Meanwhile, palladium added 0.76% at 9:16 am ET to sell for $2,537.26.

Silver gained 1.22%, changing hands for $18 per ounce at 9:17 am CET, as platinum increased 0.97%, selling for $980.37 per ounce.

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