Precious metals depreciate as stocks go up

Friday, 06. December 2019 20:04

Prices of most precious metals tumbled on Friday as investors turned to stocks, following upbeat economic data and positive news regarding trade. The Chinese government reported it was working on excluding some soybean and pork imports from the United States from tariffs. Meanwhile, chief economic adviser for the White House Larry Kudlow claimed President Donald Trump "wasn't ready" to sign the deal with Beijing, noting, however, the negotiations were going well.

The price of an ounce of gold was down 1.07% to $1,460.15 at 12:02 pm ET. Silver tumbled 2.39% to $16.57 per oz, while platinum traded 0.19% lower, selling for 895.97 dollars per ounce a minute later. Palladium was the only one trading in the green, gaining 0.30% to go for $1,879.28 per oz at 12:03 pm ET.

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