Europe higher premarket ahead of ECB's decision

Thursday, 21. January 2021 07:30

Shares on the major European stock market indexes traded above the flatline in the premarket on Thursday as the investors awaited the European Central Bank's decision regarding the interest rates, scheduled to be unveiled later in the day.

Optimism prompted by the inauguration of Joe Biden as the 46th United States President was embodied in record highs seen on Wall Street at the previous day's close, while the shares in the Asia-Pacific region followed the same upward trend.

The DAX rose by 0.29% at 7:30 am CET, while the FTSE 100 concurrently gained 0.35%. Meanwhile, in France, the CAC 40 went up 0.28% at 7:34 am CET. The euro and the pound both advanced versus the dollar, increasing 0.22% and 0.34% at 7:29 am CET, to go for 1.21340 and 1.37053, respectively.

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