Asian stocks rise on trade hopes

Friday, 06. December 2019 04:16

Asian markets traded mostly higher on Friday after United States President Donald Trump stated that Washington-Beijing trade negotiations were "going well" and that "something could happen" with tariffs on Chinese imports scheduled to come into effect on December 15, while the US National Security Advisor Robert O'Brien commented that a trade deal between the two sides is "close."

The Nikkei 225 index advanced by 0.26% at 3:30 am CET. The Shanghai Composite and the Shenzhen Composite Index were flat at 3:54 am CET and 4:10 am CET, respectively. The Hang Seng increased by 0.64% higher at 4:12 am CET. The Kospi in South Korea jumped 0.75% at the same time. The S&P/ASX 200 gained 0.17% at 4:13 am CET.

The dollar was 0.07% lower compared to the yen at 4:16 am CET, trading for 108.6720.

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