Precious metals rise as COVID-19 crisis extends

Tuesday, 30. June 2020 18:37

The price of precious metals increased on Tuesday as the world continued to struggle in containing the coronavirus pandemic, which has infected almost 10.5 million people across the globe. Europe has mostly come out of the crisis, and countries are now focusing on economic recovery. Meanwhile, the United States, Brazil, and Russia are still on the European Union's travel ban list.

Gold gained 0.54% to $1,781.96 per ounce at 12:13 pm ET, while in euros, it advanced 0.47% to €1,584.19 per ounce. Silver increased 1.70% to $18.16 per ounce at the same time, while platinum climbed 1.32% to $825.40 an ounce. Palladium was up 1.43% to $1,928.33 per ounce a minute later.

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