Asian stocks higher as trade tensions continue

Thursday, 12. December 2019 03:57

Stocks on major stock markets in the Asia-Pacific region traded higher on Thursday with trade remaining the focal point for investors. United States Donald Trump was expected to hold a meeting with his top economic and trade advisors to decide whether to implement new tariffs on Chinese imports.

In China, the Shanghai Composite was just 0.09% lower at 03:55 am CET while the Shenzhen Composite rose 0.18%. Hong Kong's Hang Seng jumped 1.33% a minute later.

Japan's Nikkei 225 grew 0.25% at 03:54 am CET. The dollar was was unchanged against the yen to change hands for 108.5785.

In South Korea, the Kospi Composite added 1.35% at 03:36 am CET, while Australia's S&P/ASX 200 slipped 0.74% at 03:55 am CET.

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