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NEW YORK, NEW YORK, April 07, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- This week, the Islamic State imposed a 10-day ultimatum for all Sikhs to leave Afghanistan. This comes in the wake of a recent attack on a Sikh house of worship in Kabul, which left 25 dead, along with one gunman. The Sikh population living in Afghanistan remains the most targeted, forcing many to flee to other countries to seek refuge.

Afghanistan has historically been home to hundreds of thousands of Sikhs for centuries. Today, the Sikh population has dwindled to barely one thousand, made up of less than 300 families, with only few operating Gurdwaras across the country, including Gurdwara Guru Hai Rai in Kabul, the site of the most recent attack.


UNITED SIKHS, a global humanitarian non-profit organization dedicated to saving lives, alleviating suffering and maintaining human dignity around the globe; urges Canada, Germany, United States, India, Australia and other countries to answer the plea of Sikhs living in terror, with entry into these countries via protected asylum. For decades Sikhs have been at the forefront and vibrant members of these countries and have contributed richly as citizens. Now we request these very nations that humanitarian intervention is urgently needed to help the Sikh minority undergoing constant and consistent suffering in Afghanistan.

Short sighted and failed policies from the United States and Afghanistan have shaped the current state in Afghanistan for Sikhs today. Now, the United States has a moral obligation along with the United Nations to protect Afghan Sikhs and ensure their civil liberties and freedom from religious persecution.

In addition to working on this issue globally, UNITED SIKHS immediately delivered funding to the families of those killed and injured along with releasing funds ready to be disbursed for passport fees and will help in expediting the rescue of Sikhs seeking asylum.

Countries across the globe have an extraordinary leadership opportunity by lifting immigration restrictions and opening their doors to Sikhs escaping Afghanistan. By granting Afghan Sikhs with Special Protected Status, and special entry into other countries via protected asylum; and saving lives in the hundreds. Time is a very real enemy of Sikhs desperate to leave their homeland and historic places of worship. With the 10-day ultimatum imposed by the Islamic State; there is little to zero protection from the horrors Sikhs will endure if they do not find immediate refuge.

Below is the detailed timeline of UNITED SIKHS efforts to save the lives of Afghan Sikhs.


March 25 - Attack on Sikhs who were praying in a Gurdwara in Kabul. 25 men, women and children killed.

March 25 - UNITED SIKHS alerts Pope Francis and top Sunni and Shia religious leaders along with intelligence communities including: President Donald Trump, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, India Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan and Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia Mohammad Bin Salman Al Saud

March 26 - UNITED SIKHS shares information on Sikh persecution globally

March 26 – Second attack on Afghan Sikhs. This time on the way to the crematorium.

March 26 - UNITED SIKHS creates fundraiser for Sikhs in Afghanistan

March 27 – Third attack on Afghan Sikhs. This time via roadside bombs.

March 27- United States Ambassador to Afghanistan Ross Wilson is alerted of the urgent issue facing Afghan Sikhs

March 27- United States Ambassador at Large for International Religious Freedom is alerted of the urgent issue of Afghan Sikhs

March 27- UNITED SIKHS along with American Sikh Congressional Caucus contacts Congressman (D-CA) John Garamendi to condemn attacks on Afghan Sikhs

March 27 - UNITED SIKHS reaches out to Canadian MPs, drawing their attention to this crisis.

March 28 – UNITED SIKHS meet with US State Department to plea on behalf of Afghan Sikhs

March 28 – Islamic State imposes 10-day ultimatum for Sikhs to leave Afghanistan

March 28 – UNITED SIKHS issues official statement condemning violence against Sikhs living in Afghanistan, and pledges aid to help Sikhs leave Afghanistan

March 29 - UNITED SIKHS Pakistan Chapter provides funds for families of those killed and injured during the attack along with releasing funds for passport application fees to aid Sikhs in leaving Afghanistan

March 29 - UNITED SIKHS initiates the process to launch a Canadian Parliamentary Petition to ask the Government

March 30 - Canadian Ambassador Soroosh condemned the violence against Sikhs stating that the attack was "A barbaric and cowardly attack against humanity.” Soroosh went on to state that the, "Sikh community is a patriotic and peaceful community making a huge contribution to the Afghan society and the government is committed to protecting the lives of all citizens in the country"

March 30 – UNITED SIKHS reaches out to the United States Embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan to raise concern and ask for protection and safety of Afghan Sikhs

March 31 – UNITED SIKHS contacts United Nations Honorable High Commissioner for Refugees Fillipo Grandi and United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres

April 1 - UNITED SIKHS urges the United States, Germany, UK, Canada, Australia, India, Pakistan and other countries to answer the plea of the Sikhs and provide them Special Protective Status.

April 1 - UNITED SIKHS contacts Pakistani Administration to request safe passage receivership into Pakistan for Afghan Sikhs

April 1 - Chad Wolf, acting United States Secretary of Homeland Security is contacted by UNITED SIKHS to provide Temporary Protective Status for Afghan Sikhs requesting asylum

April 1 – UNITED SIKHS Australian Chapter reaches out to the Minister of Immigration to ask the Australian Government to allow Afghan Sikhs to resettle via refugee status

April 2 - UNITED SIKHS Canadian Chapter launches this House of Commons petition to ask the Canadian government to bring persecuted Afghans to Canada.

April 2 - UNITED SIKHS reaches out to Afghan Consulate and Embassy in the USA for immediate action in Sikh crisis.

April 3 - UNITED SIKHS send letter to Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo to lighten immigration regulations for Afghan Sikhs applying for asylum before 10-day Islamic State ultimatum expires

April 3 - UNITED SIKHS notifies Australia of attacks on Sikhs living in Afghanistan

April 3 - Australia Prime Minister, Scott Morrison condemns attacks on Afghan Sikhs

April 3 - Australian Chapter of UNITED SIKHS raises awareness and attention of Afghan Sikh prosecution to Australian authorities to stimulate and urge intervention

April 3 – Australian Chapter of UNITED SIKHS sends letter to Minister of Immigration to provide resettlement to Afghan Sikh via refugee status

April 6 -UNITED SIKHS sends correspondence to India’s Administration and heads of religious infrastructure to get involved and support Afghan Sikhs




UNITED SIKHS is a U.N. affiliated, international non-profit, non-governmental, humanitarian relief, human development and advocacy organization, aimed at empowering those in need, especially disadvantaged and minority communities across the world. UNITED SIKHS is registered: as a non-profit tax exempt organization pursuant to Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code in the USA; as a Registered Charity in England and Wales under the Charities Act 1993, Charity Number 111 2055; registered in Australia as a not for profit NGO (ABN 24 317 847 103); and is a registered NGO in Belgium; as a non-profit organization in Canada; under the Societies Registration Act 1860 in Panjab and as a tax exempt organisation under section 80G of the Income Tax Act 1961; under the French Association Law 1901; under the Societies Registration Act 1860 in Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa, Pakistan; as a registered society under the Registrar of Societies in Malaysia (registered as UNITED SIKHS Malaysia Humanitarian Aid Organisation- Regn No: PPM-015-14-06042015); and an NGO pending registration in the Rep of Ireland.:


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