SDG Impact Awards Launching Technology Showcase

Tuesday, 19. November 2019 17:27

New York, New York--(Newsfile Corp. - November 19, 2019) - SDG Impact Awards Committee is pleased to announce that Cleantech Open Northeast has become a "Friend of SDGIA" and will be supporting the SDGIA online voter's choice SDG project competition, and is collaborating with SDGIA on the TECHNOLOGY TO SAVE THE PLANET showcase event for UN Ambassadors, investors, business partners and trade ministers. AllHumanity Group, Montessori Model UN, World YMCA, Hopsports, Pvblic, NG1 Technologies, along with other businesses and nonprofits founded the SDGIA to promote projects that support or actualize one or more of the 17 Sustainability Goals of the UN. The SDGIA campaign includes an online peer-to-peer voter's choice SDG project competition, a "Technology to Save the Planet" showcase day for UN Ambassadors, an Event Gala honoring business, governments, and NGOs on their progress towards implementing the SDGs. SDGIA and Cleantech Open Northeast (CTO NE) will be inviting CTO alumni, cities, renewable energy companies, and universities to apply to showcase their technologies which positively impact the SDG categories of clean cities, clean water, air, agriculture, and energy.

Co-host NG1 Technologies was awarded the National Grand Prize at the 2014 Cleantech Open Global Forum. From that experience, NGI Technologies values what CTO has to offer, and recognizes the need for increased technology transfer support to get cutting innovation to the market. "We look forward to working with Cleantech Open Northeast on this project," said NG1 CEO Cynthia O'Donnell. Beth Zonis, Director of Cleantech Open Northeast, said: "We are pleased to collaborate with NGI Technologies, a Cleantech Open alumni startup, on this important effort to address the UN SDGs through innovation."

SDGIA Tech Day Co-Director, Dustin Nord, President of NG2 Solutions, and AllHumanity Global Technology Transfer Ambassador, is working with national organizations, universities, incubators and sustainability organizations across the country to vet clean technologies that affect climate change and create profit, to reach a triple bottom line (People, Planet, and Profit). Mr. Dustin Nord and Ms. Beth Zonis, Director of Cleantech Open Northeast will be coordinating technology showcase selection.

Cynthia O'Donnell
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About Sustainability Development Goal Impact Awards Committee (SDGIA)

SDGIA ( a non-profit with a mission to increase awareness, support, and public engagement surrounding the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Its purpose is to elevate the SDG achievement rate through program and project coordination, as well as enhanced partnership development. It accomplishes this through three campaigns: A peer to peer online voter's choice competition where SDGIA Contributors ranging from middle schools to universities, individuals to global corporations, and all the members of the UN community are invited to post their projects on the SDG Impact Awards website. Participants are encouraged to invite constituents and contacts to vote on the posted projects that they want to support. Voters are incentivized by the opportunity to win valuable Instant Win prizes with each vote. SDGIA is also hosting the "Technology To Save the Planet" Showcase for UN Ambassadors, trade ministers, strategic partners, and businesses, and an event gala for corporations and governments honoring their commitment and actions implementing the SDGs.

About Cleantech Open

Cleantech Open is the world's largest cleantech accelerator and is dedicated to providing entrepreneurs and technologists the resources needed to launch a successful cleantech company. Our mission is to find, fund and foster entrepreneurs with big ideas that address today's most urgent energy, environmental, and economic challenges. A 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization, Cleantech Open provides the infrastructure, expertise and strategic relationships that turn clever ideas into successful global cleantech companies. Over the past eight years, Cleantech Open has trained over 1,200 early-stage clean technology startup entrepreneurs. A majority of alumni have survived the merciless technology startup "valley of death" and gone on to raise $1.2 billion and create over 3,000 clean economy jobs.


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