Treasury yields rise amid trade deal uncertainty

Thursday, 21. November 2019 16:48

Treasury yields in the United States increased as bond prices, which move in the opposite direction to yields, declined as investors flocked to safehaven assets amid trade war fears after a series of reports in US media suggested that China and the US are having trouble agreeing on tariff removal. However, China denied the rumors about trade talks and reports said that China invited top US officials for a new round of negotiations in November.

The yield on the two-year note was up by 0.2 basis points at 1.592% at 10:40 am ET. Meanwhile, gains on the 10-year Treasury increased 0.22 basis points to 1.76% at the same time and the yield on the 30-year bonds was up by 0.22 basis points at 2.225% at 10:43 am ET.

Corresponding bond futures were down 0.01%, 0.10% and 0.16%, respectively, all at 10:36 am ET.

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