30Y US Treasury yields drop amid election uncertainty

Wednesday, 04. November 2020 08:59

The 30-year United States Treasury yield dropped by 13 basis points on Wednesday, reaching two-week lows as uncertainty over the results of the US elections increased after both President Donald Trump and Democrat Joe Biden said they think they will win the race to the White House.

The 30-year bond yield was at 1.524% at 2:55 am ET, after rising earlier during the election night. The sentiment was also seen in mid- and short-term US bonds as the return on the 10-year Treasury fell 11.5 basis points to 0.766% and the 2-year note yield declined by 11 basis points to 0.157%, both at 2:55 am ET.

Their respective bond futures, which move in the opposite direction to yields, jumped 1.91%. 0.67% and 0.03%, all at 2:48 am ET.

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