Trump: We will not allow taking away our freedom

Saturday, 04. July 2020 05:11

United States President Donald Trump thanked nurses and doctors that are working hard to kill the virus. Speaking at the 4th of July celebration at Mount Rushmore National Monument in Keystone, South Dakota he stated that the US founders launched revolution in persuading prosperity. "No people did more for human progress than the citizens of our nation," he said.

He also stressed that Americans "will allow no one to take away our freedom," and added that "angry mobs think American people are weak but they are strong and proud and they will not let their history and values to be taken from them."

Trump also again slammed Democrats saying that "one of their political weapons is canceling culture and driving people from their jobs. This is the definition of totalitarianism. This attack on our liberty must be stopped and will be stopped very quickly."

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