China won't budge over Hong Kong, insider claims

Wednesday, 21. August 2019 14:37

The editor-in-chief of the Global Times, founded by the Communist Party of China's People's Daily or Renmin Ribao, said on Wednesday that the government in Beijing started preparations for the option that bilateral talks with the United States fall apart completely. Hu Xijin claimed the authorities aren't concerned about threats from the administration of President Donald Trump that an arrangement would depend on how they handle prodemocracy protests in one of the country's most populous autonomous territories.

"As for Washington's threat to link trade talks with the situation in Hong Kong, what I heard on various occasions is scorn on this idea. China is making arrangements on scenario of no deal. The deterrence of the US not signing the deal on China is close to zero," said the tabloid's head, closely followed on an international scale for apparent insight into decision makers' deliberations.

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