Putin-Trump summit push needs to come from US - Kremlin

Sunday, 19. May 2019 16:33

Russian Presidential Spokesperson Dmitry Peskov stated on Sunday that the initiative for the summit between the country's President Vladimir Putin and his American counterpart Donald Trump needs to come from Washington, local media reported.

"In Argentina, the meeting was canceled, it was already agreed and it got canceled in less than 24 hours. In this regard, of course, the initiative for a new meeting should come from the American side," stressed Peskov. The official added that US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo didn't mention that the meeting might be possible during the G20 summit in Osaka when he was visiting Sochi earlier.

Peskov also acknowledged that Moscow is aware of Trump's desire to meet. "We have heard the words of intentions, but so far the stated proposal to hold such a meeting has not followed until now," he concluded.

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