PTA-CMS: Nexus AG: Release of capital market information
134. Interim Reporting

Samstag, 18. Mai 2019 20:32

Announcement according to article 2 section 3 of the Regulation (EC) 2016/1052

Donaueschingen (pta002/18.05.2019/20:32) - In the time period from May 13, 2019 until and including May 17, 2019, a number of 2,256 shares were bought back within the framework of the share buy-back program of NEXUS AG, whose start was disclosed by NEXUS AG on October 25, 2016.

Date Volume Average Price
13.05.2019 256 25.9000
16.05.2019 1000 25.8310
17.05.2019 1000 26.3010

The transactions in a detailed form are published on the website of NEXUS AG ( - Investor Relations - Stock Buyback)

The total volume of shares, which have been bought back within the framework of the share buy-back amounts to 93,512 shares.

The purchase of the shares of NEXUS AG is carried out by a credit institution that has been commissioned by NEXUS AG; the shares are repurchased exclusively on the electronic trading platform of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (Xetra).

Donaueschingen, 18.05.2019
The Managing Board


emitter: Nexus AG
address: Irmastraße 1, 78166 Donaueschingen
country: Germany
contact person: Dr. Patrick Stein
phone: +49 771 22960-260

ISIN(s): DE0005220909 (share)
stock exchanges: regulated market in Frankfurt, Hamburg; free market in Stuttgart, free market in Munich, free market in Dusseldorf; open market in Berlin

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