Sinclair Pharma plc presents data for pipeline acne product SPHD420

Thursday, 04. October 2007 08:00

Sinclair Pharma plc presents data for pipeline acne product SPHD420
at World Congress of Dermatology meeting
-data also presented in corrective dermatology, radiation dermatitis,
psoriasis, atopic dermatitis-

4 October 2007, Godalming, UK: Sinclair Pharma plc ("Sinclair",
SPH:L), the international specialty pharmaceutical company, today
presents data at the World Congress of Dermatology, to support its
novel pipeline product for acne, SPHD420.

SPHD420 is designed to treat acne in a novel way; it works by
breaking down the resilient layer of bacteria that form a 'biofilm'
on the skin and then reducing levels of acne-causing bacteria by
promoting the activity of beta-defensin, a key element in the body's
defence against acne.

To achieve this mode of action, SPHD420 includes delmopinol, which
interferes with the ability of bacteria to adhere to each other and
to adhere to surfaces, resulting in breakdown of biofilm. An
additional complex of ingredients including LMW-HA, is designed to
stimulate production of beta-defensin 2 in the skin.

Data presented today shows that human keratinocytes (the type of cell
most commonly found in the epidermis of the skin) treated with LMW-HA
show increased secretion of beta-defensin 2. Although skin cells
were treated for 18 hours, the increase in beta-defensin 2 in the
treated cells was seen from 30 minutes.

These data support Sinclair's novel pipeline product for acne.
Sinclair plans to file for product registration for SPHD420 in FY09.
Preliminary results showing clinical efficacy were presented at the
company's R&D day in June 2007, and results from further clinical
trials are anticipated in 2008. The market size for acne is
currently approximately $2.5 billion, representing nearly a quarter
of the dermatology market.

Corrective dermatology
Sinclair also presents data to support SPH911, its pipeline product
that is designed to address skin ageing. Data presented today shows
that telmesteine, a key ingredient of SPH911, inhibits
metalloproteases and hyaluronidase. This is desirable as these
substances contribute to the natural breakdown of skin proteins
collagen and elastin.

Data presented by Sinclair in June 2007 showed that application of
SPH911 resulted in a statistically significant decrease in skin
wrinkles, and significantly increased elasticity, hydration and
thickness. Target date for filing for registration is FY09. Sinclair
expects commercialisation through one or more marketing partners.
The anti-ageing market worldwide is estimated at $6.9 billion, with a
growing emphasis on products that have scientific proof of efficacy.

Radiation dermatitis
Sinclair presents clinical data today to support Xclair, its
on-market product for radiation dermatitis (skin reactions seen
during radiotherapy). The interim analysis of a clinical study
including 22 patients showed that patients using Xclair had
significantly less erythema (reddening) of the skin, burning, and
significantly improved quality of life when compared to a control
group using a vehicle cream.

Sinclair presented data to support its pipeline psoriasis product
SPHD400. Data showed that the key ingredient of SPHPD400 inhibits
Human Leucocyte Elastase (HLE) and collagenases, both substances
associated with hyperproliferation in keratinocytes. Skin
hyperproliferation is a key feature of psoriasis and its reduction is
a desirable outcome when treating the condition.

Atopic dermatitis
A poster was presented at the congress to highlight data from a
recent multicentre study to evaluate Atopiclair in the management of
mild to moderate atopic dermatitis in adults. The study demonstrates
that Atopiclair is a safe and effective treatment, delivering
significantly superior control of signs and symptoms than patients
using a vehicle cream. Patients using Atopiclair were significantly
less likely to need rescue medication with a topical steroid during
the study period.

Intellectual property
Sinclair has patents or patents pending for its pipeline products and

- ends -

For further information please contact:

Sinclair Pharma plc Tel: +44
(0) 1483 410 600
Dr Michael Flynn, CEO
Zoe McDougall, Director of Communications

Capital MS&L
Mary Clark, Halina Kukula Tel +44
(0)20 7307 5340

Notes to Editors:

About Sinclair Pharma plc
Sinclair Pharma plc is an international specialty pharmaceutical
company. It has a growing sales and marketing operation that is
already present in France, Italy, the UK, Spain and Portugal, and a
complementary marketing partner network that spans 82 countries.
Sinclair has proven expertise in acquiring or developing commercially
attractive and undervalued products, registering these products and
bringing them to market within a short time frame. The company
focuses on niche therapeutic areas and its current portfolio includes
products for dermatological conditions and oral health.

"Safe Harbor" Statement under the US Private Securities Litigation
Reform Act of 1995: Some or all of the statements in this document
that relate to future plans, expectations, events, performances and
the like are forward-looking statements, as defined in the US Private
Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. Actual results of events
could differ materially from those described in the forward- looking
statements due to a variety of factors.

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