Citron halts short-selling research

Friday, 29. January 2021 15:24

Citron Research announced on Friday that it will stop publishing all short-selling research and focus on proving analysis to individual investors.

"Twenty years ago I started Citron with the intention of protecting the individual against Wall Street, against the fraud to the stock promotions that were just all over," founder Andrew Left said in a statement on Youtube. He also added that markets need "some kindness" and "cautious investing" as he mentioned the GameStop short-squeeze.

Left, a now-former short-seller, stated earlier that he has constantly being harassed by members of the WallStreetBets forum on Reddit. The retail investors started buying GameStop stock excessively after he predicted it would drop to $20, telling short-sellers to buy it at their own risk. The members of the forum have also been calling on the Securities and Exchange Commission to investigate him.

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