DNC chair confident Dems will unite to defeat Trump

Wednesday, 04. March 2020 22:20

Democratic National Committee Chairman said on Wednesday that he has "great faith" in whoever wins the party's nomination in July to "abide by the rules" and unite Democrats against President Donald Trump in the general election.

"I have great faith in whoever wins the nomination. Senator Sanders, the vice president, they all understand that this is a different moment," he told MSNBC following former Vice President Joe Biden's strong performance on Super Tuesday. "We can withstand four years of Donald Trump, but we can’t withstand eight," Perez added.

Bernie Sanders previously stated that he believes the candidate with a plurality of the votes should win the party's nomination, without votes from so-called superdelegates - unpledged delegates who may decide the nominee at the Democratic National Convention at the Fiserv Forum in the event of a contested nomination.

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