Lufthansa reveals austerity measures due to COVID-19

Tuesday, 25. February 2020 18:22

Lufthansa AG will apply new austerity measures to help deal with the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic's consequences, the company's board member Harry Hohmeister told German newspaper Handelsblatt on Tuesday.

"Suspending flights to mainland China hurt" the airline, he stressed, adding that Lufthansa has 13 airplanes grounded due to the outbreak. Hohmeister also pointed out that all new hiring may be "suspended or postponed." The company also offered its employees "unpaid vacation and part-time" in a bid to cut costs, he noted.

The aviation industry "knows situations like this one and has learned to deal with them," Hohmeister claimed, although he refused to predict for how long the impact of the epidemic will be felt.

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