Small tech blasts big tech before Congress

Friday, 17. January 2020 21:07

Four smaller technology companies blamed tech giants, Google-parent Alphabet, Facebook and Apple of "bullying" them in the market as they told the House Judiciary Committee in a field hearing in Colorado on Friday.

PopSockets CEO David Barnett told members of Congress that Amazon used "bullying with a smile" to make PopSockets decrease its prices and added the online retailer threatened to return non-sold items at a cost to PopSockets. Meanwhile, Basecamp co-founder Davis Heinemeier Hansson complained Google makes companies pay to reach top search results and CEO of smart speaker maker Sonos Patrick Spence accused Google of intellectual property theft. Finally, tracking device company Tile's vice president Kirsten Daru stated Apple made Tile irrelevant when it entered its market.

Amazon, Apple and Google all stated in separate statements that they consider the accusations untrue.

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