Asian stocks up as HK wraps up election results

Monday, 25. November 2019 04:43

Asian stocks traded higher on Monday as the results from Hong Kong's district council election poured in revealing a landslide victory for pro-democracy candidates. In what has been dubbed a de facto referendum amid months-long protests across the semi-autonomous Chinese city, anti-establishment candidates have apparently taken 17 out of 18 districts or more than 278 council seats.

The Hang Seng surged 1.75% at 4:30 am CET on hopes that protests would start to die down. The Shanghai Composite rose as well, going 0.35% up, while the Shenzhen Composite was down 0.49% at 4:32 am CET.

In Japan, the Nikkei 225 jumped 0.82% at 4:34 am CET, whereas in South Korea, the Kospi gained 1.16%.

Australia's S&P/ASX 200 advanced 0.55% at 4:36 am CET.

The dollar rose 0.11% against the Japanese yen, to sell for 108,7520 at 4:37 am CET.

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