US trade deal should include tariff removal - Beijing

Thursday, 14. November 2019 10:01

The Chinese Commerce Ministry said on Thursday that the country is holding in-depth negotiations with the United States over a phase one agreement on trade.

The ministry's spokesman Gao Feng told reporters that any potential deal will have to include the cancelation of some tariffs on each other's products as the trade war started by the introduction of the duties and it would be appropriate to end it by lifting them.

On Wednesday, media reported that Beijing and Washington hit a new hurdle in negotiations over the purchase of US agricultural products by China. However, US President Donald Trump insisted the two sides are "rapidly" making progress towards an agreement. Earlier, China claimed it agreed with the US to remove tariffs in phases but Trump noted he did not approve the cancelation of any duties and threatened to further hike tariffs if a deal is not struck.

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