US Energy Department rejects House subpoena

Samstag, 19. Oktober 2019 07:30

"At this time," the three committees responsible for the impeachment inquiry in the lower chamber of the United States Congress won't be given the data and documents that they have sought, Assistant Secretary of Energy Melissa Burnison revealed in a letter. The disregard to the subpoena related to President Donald Trump's conduct in communication with Ukraine's officials follows the resignation of Secretary of Energy Rick Perry (pictured).

The House of Representatives sought confidential information, "potentially protected by executive privilege and would require careful review," she added and argued the process should be "validly authorized," which mirrored reactions from several high-ranking individuals in the administration and government agencies.

The department is "unable to comply" but it "remains committed" to cooperation with the House of Representatives and Senate, according to Burnison, who is in charge of congressional and intergovernmental issues.

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