Chinese markets fall as Beijing gives details on US talks

Tuesday, 17. September 2019 07:44

Chinese markets fell on Tuesday, but some markets in the Asia-Pacific region were higher, as geopolitical concerns overshadowed the markets following a surge in oil prices a day earlier. Meanwhile, Beijing announced trade negotiations with the United States would take place on a "vice-ministerial" level as the Chinese delegation to Washington will be headed by Finance Vice Minister Liao Min. The talks are expected to start later this week.

The Shanghai Composite Index dropped 1.31% at 7:37 am CET and the Shenzhen Composite fell 1.82% at 7:39 am CET. Hong Kong's Hang Seng lost 1.52% at 7:28 am CET.

The Nikkei 225 was flat, trading 0.07% higher at 7:40 am CET as US President Donald Trump announced his country reached a trade deal with Japan, but Tokyo's officials were careful to point out that nothing has been signed as Japan is looking for written assurances that Washington will not introduce more tariffs on Japanese cars. The dollar was flat against the yen at 7:42 am CET, increasing 0.03% to $108.1700.

The Kospi was 0.07% higher at 7:41 am CET and the S&P/ASX 200 gained 0.12% at 7:42 am CET.

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